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5 Revealing Questions

Nigel Stewart

Hotel General Manager, Diamond Princess

Number of Years with Princess:

42 :-)

Number of Countries Visited:



Fortrose, Scotland

A little about my job:

As the Hotel General Manager I’m responsible for everything that touches our passengers during their cruise. It’s my job to deliver a consistent Princess product and to ensure that when passengers leave the ship at the end of their cruise they’ve experienced the vacation of a lifetime.


What item is in your suitcase that you couldn’t travel without?

By the nature of my job and being away from home for such long periods it would have to be photographs of my wife and family. For practicality it would be a nice little all-in-one adaptor that converts all electric plugs and sockets for all the different arrangements around the world. I acquired it in Hong Kong several years ago.


What’s your most treasured travel souvenir?

Not sure if it’s a travel souvenir but it has served me well since I purchased it in Taiwan the day that happened to coincide with the death of Chiang Kai Shek on April 1975. The unusual item was a rosewood cabinet bar that opens out to reveal a marble top. It houses part of my collection of malt whisky which I savor when home on long dark winter nights!


What’s the most memorable dish you’ve eaten during your travels?

On the down side I recall having presented to me at a hosted dinner in Morocco sheep’s eyes. It was not something that I came away from the dinner saying I can’t wait to have that again! On the upside I love Japanese food and in particular Teppanyaki — therefore my culinary taste buds were set alight when I spent the last two months of the construction of Diamond Princess in Nagasaki, Japan. However my most memorable Teppanyaki meal occurred in Osaka, Japan.


What’s your travel motto?

St. Augustine said, “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” I believe that in all my years I have read several chapters and indeed am nearer the end of the book than the beginning. I recommend everyone to have a good read and on a cruise you can cover several pages.


Where haven’t you been that’s on your travel bucket list?

One country that I would like to visit that I have not been able to go to date is Nepal , though it’s not officially recognized as a country in its own right. I would also love to visit Tibet. A particular sight that I would like to see are the ruins at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Perhaps as my current vessel, Diamond Princess, is cruising in Asia and Princess operates an excellent overland excursion to these magnificent ruins, my management may allow me to escort the excursion one day. :-)

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