Meet Our Destination Expert:

5 Revealing Questions

Gavin MacLeod

Princess Cruises Ambassador (and “Captain Merrill Stubing” on “The Love Boat”)

Number of Years with Princess:


Number of Countries Visited:



Pleasantville, New York

A little about my job:

As spokesperson for Princess, I have the wonderful opportunity to meet a lot of passengers and travel agents when I make public appearances for the company. I never get tired of signing autographs, having my photos taken and sharing stories about “The Love Boat” TV show and the impact it had on the cruise industry, on Princess, and on me personally.


What item is in your suitcase that you couldn’t travel without?

My Bible (and my wife Patti but I couldn’t fit her in my suitcase!).


What’s your most treasured travel souvenir?

Memories of all the incredible people I’ve met and the places I’ve seen as the ambassador for Princess Cruises.


What’s the most memorable dish you’ve eaten during your travels?

It has to be my birthday dinner that I had while sailing to Hawaii, specially prepared by the Chef.   It was veal parmesan with freshly made pasta. And for dessert, a strawberry shortcake.  It was fantastic!


What’s your travel motto?

Enjoy each day, it’s a gift.


Where haven’t you been that’s on your travel bucket list?

Since I’ve travelled all over the world with Princess, a California coastal cruise seems very inviting right now.

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