Meet Our Destination Expert:

5 Revealing Questions

Crystal Morgan

Director of Market Planning, Itineraries and Deployments

Number of Years with Princess:

I feel like I was born here. . . . almost 17 total, including time served onboard our ships.

Number of Countries Visited:

Well, it depends on how you count! According to the Travelers Century Club, there are 320 countries, (although some are not actually countries in their own right; they’re removed from their parent country either politically, geographically or ethnographically). To be a member of the club, you have to have visited 100 countries. According to their list, I have visited 95!!! Five more to go! This year, I’ll be adding Colombia and the Dominican Republic to my list. . . . leaving three more to reach 100!!! :)


The Biggest Littlest City in the World – Reno, Nevada.

A little about my job:

I’m responsible for the worldwide itinerary and deployment planning for Princess’ 17 ships.


What item is in your suitcase that you couldn’t travel without?

My noise cancelling headphones (for the plane); my iPod of course – not only for the plane but for long bus rides or for down-time; Aveda hand lotion; a language guidebook for the place I’m visiting; my Canon Rebel digital camera; and my journal.


What’s your most treasured travel souvenir?

An antique ring that I bought on New Year’s day at the Piccadilly Market in London. It reminds me of starting off that year with great friends in one of my favorite cities.


What’s the most memorable dish you’ve eaten during your travels?

Food to me is an essential part of travelling – no McDonald’s for me when travelling!! To eat the local dishes and specialties to me is embodying the entire experience. I don’t eat meat (well, things with four legs anyway) but often when I travel I will lift my “no four legs” ban just so I can sample the local favorites.

I’ve been fortunate to travel through great food destinations such as Italy, France and Spain and have had many memorable meals. However one of my favorite meal memory is when I was travelling (as a passenger) on our Grand Mediterranean itinerary, and I visited the small walled town of Monteriggioni. I arrived early in the morning and, longing for a coffee, went inside to the only café open in the main square. They had just prepared fresh bruschetta with fresh tomatoes — it looked (and tasted!) so good. The coffee was so delicious, and the setting so divine, that we stayed sitting at a table outside the café in the square enjoying more bruschetta and more coffee for a least three more hours!


What’s your travel motto?

My favorite is the quote: “Tourists don’t know where they have been; travelers don’t know where they are going.” I like to be a traveler not a tourist. And I love jet-lag! Feeling jet-lagged means that you’ve arrived at a destination and have days or weeks ahead of you to explore!


Where haven’t you been that’s on your travel bucket list?

Peru. I would like to hike the Incan Trail to Machu Picchu.

Australia for two reasons:

  1. The Great Barrier Reef. I’m a diver . . . that’s how I started with Princess – as on onboard scuba instructor! The Great Barrier Reef is the mecca for all divers.
  2. Melbourne, Australia, for the Australian Open. I’m also a tennis fanatic and want to collect seeing the Grand Slam events while Nadal and Federer are still playing! I’ve been to Wimbledon and to the U.S. Open, and next is the Australian Open.
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